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Research has provided Villafelpos with a multitude of skills, including the ability to market the right products at the right time, creating enriching technological partnerships with research teams, and recognized institutions of the Science and Technology System such as University of Minho, among others.

Research is thus one of the essential fuels for the implementation of Villafelpos’ Development and Innovation actions.


Development is for Villafelpos a dynamic process of improvement for the company, its allies and the subsequent improvement in its business results and the business of its partners.

Development requires change, evolution, growth and progress, but those are exactly the challenges that drive Villafelpos.


For Villafelpos, Innovation is the process of turning ideas into action and converting them into value for their interfaces and for the World. It is a key element for growth and competitiveness.

The Certification of the Research, Development and Innovation Management System obtained in 2012 (Standard NP 4457), makes Villafelpos one of the first producers of RDI certified textiles in Portugal.